Red Rain Hash 636

When: March 7, 1:30 prelube / 2:00 hares away

Where: Winn Dixie - 1550 Govt St & Catherine St

Hash Cash: $7

Hares: Red Wings & Make it Rain Deer

Ok wanks, get your ass ready for a pavement pounding urban delight, with Wings and Deer. This is an excellent dick measuring opportunity for all our front running bastards. There won't be much shiggy, but we promise lots of shade; shady people under the bridge, shady people at the Crack Dixie, shady squirrels in the park... You get the idea. It might be a good idea to bring a bottle of MD20/20 to give to the bums whose yard you'll be trampling through. This is the second annual Champagne with Joe Cain, so be sure to bring beads/panties/roses to throw in homage. We've secured a location for the midbeer that will, hopefully, insure that it's not stolen this time. But midtown is sketchy, and bitches be thieving. Forecast calls for rain. Any pussy that shows up with an umbrella pays double hash cash. I'm not even joking.

Pensacola Green Dress

When: Mar 14

Where: Pensacola

Green Dress Hang Over Hash 637

When: Mar 15th

Where: TBD

Hares: Princess N the Pee/Up Chuck and Fuck

Buttered Twat Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Hash 638

When: Mar 21st

Where: TBD

Hares: Butters & Twater Boy

Dr. Horrible Pub Crawl Hash 639

When: Mar 29th

Where: TBD

Hares: Babe and 3rd Bread

Holy Saturday Full Moon Cunt Hunt Hash 640

When: April 4th

Where: TBD

Hares: LubriCunt and Red Hot

Flip Your Sister Hash 641

When: April 11th

Where: TBD

Hares: Flippy Cock and Sister

Lez Shower Shots Hash 642

When: April 18th

Where: TBD

Hares: LezBFriends, OO Shower, $5 Clot Shot

Family Hash

When: April 19th

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

Hash Field Day Hash 643

When: May 9th

Where: TBD

Hares: Apple Bottom & Finn

Hash 644

When: May 16th

Where: TBD

Hares: Guten & Just Daniel

SH3 Red Dress

When: May 30th

Where: Pensacola