​​HASH SCHEDULE (Hash cash $7, unless it isn't)

Hash 645: Uptown Shiggy
When: June 27th, Meet at 2:00, Hares away 2:30
Where: Crawford Burns Middle School, Girby Rd.
Hares: Purple Vain, Etta Jameson, & a special guest wanker

Hey you, Wanks!

It has come to the hares attention of a plethora of complaints about how we don't do things like other kernels. "Survivor does it this way." "Voodoo does this." etc. No offense intended to our sister kennels but knowing these hares, they have taken this as a chance too reeducate you on exactly how we do things in GCH3!

In your hash bags this weekend, you would be smart to bring sunscreen, bug spray, extra clothes including shoes, towels, tick checking fingers, your snitchy britches, a spider stick, hydrated organs, and a willingness to follow trail, TATER.

The hares have accepted the challenge to show you the best shiggy that west Mobile has to offer. But the ticks are out so bug spray is very recommended. As is the favorite the words of Purple..."fuck you, Vein!"

On-On, Fuckers!

Hash 646: Deliverance Preparedness Course
When: July 11th
Where: TBD
Hares: LubriCunt & Table Topper

When: July 18th
Where: Away

Hash 647: Seizure Sammich
When: July 25th
Where: TBD
Hares: The Maryland Mauler, Saturday Night Seizure, Beaver on the Run

Hash 648
When: August 1st
Where: TBD
Hares: Butt Gravy and Apple Bottom Ass Shot

When: August 8th
Where: Away

Avenue Q Red Dress

When: August 15th

Where: Joe Jefferson Playhouse

Hash 649
When: August 29th
Where: TBD
Hares: Ginga Bite Us, Guten Twat, Just Susie

Hash 650: GCH3 RDR
When: September 12th
Where: TBD

Bridesmaid Hangover Brunch Lubi/Purple Analversary
When: September 13th
Where: TBD