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Family Hash

When: January 25th, 2:00

Where: WC Griggs Elementary at Hwy 90 and Three Notch Rd

Hares: Auntie Chucky and Hat Trick

Hash Cash: $7

Come join Aunt Chucky and Hat Trick on their very first trail to hare. We will have some really fun stops on trail to make sure our young hashers are having as much fun as the adults usually do. We are even going to have an on the foot, of sorts. There will be no awkward circle at the end where we are trying our best to think of kid friendly songs..."El Camino, El El Camino"...wait no!!!! We'll only do a quick naming circle for our young virgins then on to pizza and S'mores on the fire pit YUMMY! And adults, you won't be left out. There will be some tasty treats in store for you as well. So, bring the youngens and let's PLAY!!
Questions, call Chucky 251-583-8343

​Vulcan H3 Invasion Hash VulcanVasion 

​When: January 31st. 

Where: Birmingham,  AL

LezB Hoes Hash 634

When: February 7

Where: TBD

Hares: Ho-tisserie, LezBFriends

Hash Cash: $7

Joe Cain Cookout

When: February 15

Where: TBD

Jello Love 2015 635

When: February 21

Where: TBD

Hares: Eunix & Twinkle Twat

Wing'ed Hoes Hash 636
When: February 7, Meet up 1:30pm, hares away 2pm
Where: Winn Dixie - 9948 Airport Blvd.
Hares: Ho-tisserie, Redwings Gives You Aaahhhh, Make it Rain Deer
Hash Cash: $7 & a chicken wing

Listen up wanks, this is Ho-tisserie's Virgin Hare! We all know she has epic tits, but what we don't know is if she can lay an epic trail. So bring your asses out and pass judgment on her, or pass her around, whichever cums first. Wear some wings or dress like a Ho! We don't fucking care, as long as you cum! The first ten paid hashers will even get some Ho-swag!!!

Ho-tisserie makes no promises that your shiggy socks will protect you this time, or that you will even still like her at the on-in. Be sure to pack your hash bag with a wardrobe change and a fluffy clean towel. You're going to need both.

Pensacola Green Dress

When: Mar 14

Where: Pensacola

Green Dress Hang Over Hash 637

When: Mar 15th

Where: TBD

Hares: Princess N the Pee/Up Chuck and Fuck

Buttered Twat Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Hash 638

When: Mar 21st

Where: TBD

Hares: Butters & Twater Boy

Dr. Horrible Pub Crawl Hash 639

When: Mar 29th

Where: TBD

Hares: Babe and 3rd Bread

Holy Saturday Full Moon Cunt Hunt Hash 640

When: April 4th

Where: TBD

Hares: LubriCunt and Red Hot

Flip Your Sister Hash 641

When: April 11th

Where: TBD

Hares: Flippy Cock and Sister

Lez Shower Shots Hash 642

When: April 18th

Where: TBD

Hares: LezBFriends, OO Shower, $5 Clot Shot

Family Hash

When: April 19th

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

Hash Field Day Hash 643

When: May 9th

Where: TBD

Hares: Apple Bottom & Finn

Hash 644

When: May 16th

Where: TBD

Hares: Guten & Just Daniel

SH3 Red Dress

When: May 30th

Where: Pensacola