Sister’s Twat Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Hash #638
When: March 21st. 2:00 P.M. - Hares away No later than 2:30. We have a spaceship to catch.
Where: TeleVox 1100 Montlimar Dr.
Hares: Can I Fuck Your Sister? and Twater Boy
Hash Cash: $7
Don’t Panic!
Don’t forget your towel and by all means, never drink the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Set your sites for the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe and if at all possible, remember your manners when addressing the genetically modified and quite intelligent cow who will come to your table at the On-After (Los Rancheros on Airport) to discuss the best parts of her body for your consumption. Beware as well, for if you find that Sister leaps into Vogon Poetry, your own intestine, as a measure of self preservation, might just jump straight up and throttle your brain. Speaking of stupid ideas, I have created my own Infinite Improbability Drive to start the trail off in a direction that quite frankly, could go anywhere. Click on the link for more information and try not to be scared. I know what I think I'm doing. 

Now, being from a planet where the idea of a digital watch is still considered a novel idea, I suggest you stick to the basics. Follow the flour, toilet paper and what-not along the trail and if you find yourself lost, pull out your trusty Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and see if you can’t make you way to the beer. All your friends will be there. Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Arthur Dent, Slartibartfast,  Trillian and of course, Marvin. I’m not sure if Marvin will in fact be there. He may be taking a few moments to calculate the actual butterfly effect across the Milky Way of having all of the GCH3 harriettes hug him at the the same time, while topless and bouncing up and down.  It will take less than a tenth of a nanosecond to do the math but the internal and external complaints about how much he regrets not having a robot penis will most assuredly take several hours or perhaps, up to a millennium. Maybe we’ll see him at the ON-AFTER. If you do happen to find a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster along the trail, I promise you no harm but you may what to leave your brain in your ON-IN bag. I’m quite sure none of you ever bring your brain to the hash, EVER, so consider this more of an admonishment for any virgins that may happen along.

Dr. Horrible Pub Crawl Hash 639

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