Who Hash Sunday Hash # 601

SUNDAY - April 27th 2:00 pm

Location: Behind the Who-ters, 3869 Airport Blvd 

Hares: Babe Thruster and 3rd Bread of Sin

Hash Cash $7

Who are you? Who, Who? Who, who? It's a Sunday funday hash!. Come out and pay tribute to your favorite Who. The rock band, a Whosier, the Dr. Seuss characters, or, of course, The Doctor. Who else? You decide. Trail, beer, orange food and who knows, maybe a whokah and a contest for best Who-Ha/Woo-Who/Ya-Who/Whochie and Who-ter combo. (Sorry guys, no Who references for your parts. No Purple, Who-mungus doesn't count). So Whof on out and Whok up with us. It'll be a Whoot!


Survivor Red Dress (Stay Tuned to this channel)

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