Buttholeberry Finn's Double Epic Let Down Trail

When: TBD

Where: TBD

Hares: Buttholeberry Finn

Possible Bash

Bitches Love Cheese, PurpleCUNT / LubriVain Hash Wedding

When: Saturday, September 27th

Where: God's House

Hares: LubriCUNT & Immature Ejaculation

So these two wankers are finally going to stop living in sin and make things legal. It’s about damn time. Charmin will get the daddy that he has always wanted and Cuervo will continue to shake and bark at the batman voice that he was tired of 2 years ago. Purple should be excited to have yet another analversary to celebrate and Lubi will get drunk and yell at people like always but she will have someone that is obligated to take her drunk ass home. So, go find the most hideous tacky obnoxious BRIDESMAID DRESS you can find because every damn one of you is in the WEDDING PARTY! Don’t forget your shoes because "bridal procession" is a regular hash.  No word yet on who will have the horror to hitch these two crazy kids, but I suspect it will be whoever is most sober at the end of circle. I'd like to tell you about the trail but I can't.  The half mind hares are still sleeping off the last hash and haven’t told me shit about it. However, I suspect it will have beer and an opportunity to make fun of two of our favorite wankers. Post ceremony activities may include: wedding caking, pin the veil on the bride, the First Booty Dance, Tater/Lubi Booty Dance, Longevity/Analversary Booty Dance, , the Turkey/Eagle Booty Dance, and “no shit there I was” toasts made everyone who has seen these two do something stupid (this may take a while).

Since such a momentous occasion cannot be limited to just one day Prelube starts Friday bachelor/bachelorette pub crawl.

Butt Full O' Wings Trail

When: Saturday, October 11th

Where: TBD

Hares: Butt Full O' WIngs

Support The Industry Bar Hash and Shenanigans! 

Date: October 18th, 2014

Time: 1:00

Location: The Industry Bar 2551 Government Blvd. Mobile, AL 

Hares: DilVanDo, Butters and GingaBiteUs

If you haven’t heard Sara (owner of Industry) is doing a little fundraising on her own to try to add some perks to our favorite little dive/karaoke bar. If you are unfamiliar with this fabulous place you may or may not remember it from the 600th. Sara was a little disappointed in the lack of promised shenanigans after our 18 mile trail that left us all a little un-shenaniganny so let’s make it up to her. The goal is to raise as much money as we can for her by doing what we do best. Bring a little extra cash to gamble with and try your hand at winning some hash prizes. Oh ya know, we will have all the typical Fall Festival games from your childhood such as A Double Cake Shot Walk, A Clothing Exchange Race, A Cock Ring Toss, Rubber Pop Relay, 5-minute Flippy Cup and MORE! All winners will receive a Hash prize of your choosing made by the hands of the Dilt Gods. All LOSERS of any team event will have to do a Down-Down AND participate in Kamikaze Karaoke as closing ceremony and regular karaoke will follow until of course, her bar opens to the public…if we are still functioning at that point, of course. 

Oh, and what Ball Festival would be complete without costumes?? So come dressed as your Hash or Disaster Hash Name or both!! If you don’t have one or have no creative ability to come up with anything, just be a zombie. Everyone loves zombies.

Princess in the Pee Trail

When: Saturday, October 25th

Where: TBD

Hares: Princess in the Pee