Mountain Mangina Birthday Hash

When: Saturday November 22

Time: 1:00

Where: 1110 Montlimar Dr. Suite 700 Mobile, AL 36609 (TeleVox building)

Hares: Mountain Mangina and Applebottom Ass Shot

Hash Cash: $7

Here we go again kiddos. It’s another “cross pollination hash event” with GCH3/SurvivorH3 our Biloxi Buddy. GCH3 will be hosting a shitty trail, orange food and beer style hash and you are encouraged to sober up enough after, to get yourself to Survivor H3 for their Hashgiving event. Don’t worry, I have it on good authority that the hares plan to run you to death, abuse you with no remorse and show you some “hare love” along the way but, you will have time to clean up before making your way to Pensacola. Someone mentioned to a little bird who flew through my window and whispered into my ear that Mountain Mangina is absolutely against someone making him a cake however, he did not say that he was against EVERYONE making him a cake. Speaking of food, be sure to let Red Hot Pecker Pocket know if you are cuming or if you think you are cuming(She’ll want you to pull out first) so she can plan for some extra, drunk hashers. Remember, it’s BYOB and a side dish.  

Survivor H3 - HASHGIVING

Well kiddos, it’s that time of year again. Time to come together, stuff our faces, and thank the nectar gods for their gifts of booze and bad choices.

Date:  Saturday, November 22nd

Time:  7:00 P.M.

Cost: BYOB and a Side Dish.

Location: 8674 Ramble Woods Dr, Pensacola, FL 32514 

The hash will provide wings and the rest is pot luck style, slut muffins! You will be able to add your booze to the hash cooler, so don’t worry about bringing individual coolers. We will be doing a fire pit out back, flip cup for those of you brave enough to challenge Red Hot, Cards Against Humanity for the pervs, and Karaoke to torture the masses.  There may or may not be a small trail before we kick off this shit show.

See ya there! On-On

Enzyte Bob Perl (Necklace) Harbor Trail

When: Saturday December 6

Where: TBD

Hares: Enzytel Bob

Hashmas 2014

When: Saturday December 20

Where: TBD

Hares: Rim Job


When: Sunday December 14

Where: TBD

Hares: Can I Fuck Your Sister? 

Butt Gravy's Boxing Day Hash

When: Saturday December 27tth

Where: TBD

Hares: Butt Gravy

LubriCUNT's Hangover Hash 2015

When: January 1, 2015

Where: TBD

Hares: LubriCUNT

Maybe LezBFriendz/Table Topper Hash

When: January 10

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD (G- Help Us!)

Family Hash

When: January 18th

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

​Vulcan H3 Invasion Hash VulcanVasion 

​When: January 31st. 

Where: Birmingham,  AL

Hares: TBD

Hash Cash: TBD

Jello Love 2015

When: February 21

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD