Picockso's Party

When: Friday October 24th 8:00 P.M.

Where: 6512 Timbers dr.

Hares: GingaBiteUs and Picockso

Prelube for halloweenie at Ja-will-ica heights this Friday night.  Cum in proper Halloween attire, which means not as yourselves you silly wankers. The fun will begin at 8 pm, behind the skating rink on Hillcrest blvd.  6512 Timbers dr. For those of you using GPS.  There will be munchies, and scare your hair off punch, but bring some more for yourself to drink.  For the sake of our muggle neighbors only park on one side of the road. (As in the side everyone else is already parked on). Some friendly virgins have been invited in case we must prepare a sacrifice to appease the gods for our debauchery.  Hope to see you there, but think you are someone else at first because your costume is so amazing!

2nd Anal Halloweenie Trihashlon
Date: October 25
Trail 1: Lubi's Asscrack of Dawn Warm-Up
Time: 6:00 A.M.
Location: Behind Sam's Club 601 E. I-65 Service Rd. South, Mobile, AL
Hare: LubriCUNT
Hash Cash: BYOChampagne

Alright, wankers. It's time once again for another day of drunken debauchery. As we all know, you can't drink all day if you don't start right away. You read that right: we're starting this shit at 6:00 A.M. BYOChampagne to reprise Lubi's trail which will surely become a GCH3 staple. It's early, and there's nobody here to impress. Come on out in those pajamas!

Trail 2: Oops! They Did It Again
Time: 12:00 P.M.
Location: Sam's Club
601 E. I-65 Service Rd. South, Mobile, AL
Hares: LubriCUNT and TableTopper
Hash Cash: $7.00

It's been a few months since these two wankers have hared together. You may remember the great deluge of 2014 which washed away their West Mobile trail. Oops! They did it again and are back with a kickass trail. Cum dressed as Britney Spears, because why not? Remember, this is Halloweenie, so any costume is acceptable. However, prepare for more terrible Britney Spears jokes on trail than you can shake a stick at.

Trail 3: Midtown Trick or Treat (Dick or Teat)
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Location: Winn-Dixie on Government
Hares: LubriCUNT and Lezbe Friends
Hash Cash: $10.00

All of the Midtown wankers have graciously offered their homes as stops on a no-holds-barred gauntlet through the streets of Midtown grabbing treats by the handful (and turning a trick or two). Be sure to only stop in houses that are designated on trail (Snatch and Lubi, I'm looking at you). We don't need a repeat of last year's Rocky Horror Black Dress. YOU know.

Black Dress Hash

When: November 1st. 2014

Where: TBD 

Hares: Babe Thruster, Big Woody Bush Hog

Get your black dress ready

Family Hash

When: November 16th

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

Double Bottom Ass Shower Meet In the Middle Campout

When: Saturday November 15th (Clit-R-Birthday)

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

Mountain Mangina Birthday Hash

When: Saturday November 22

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

Enzyte Bob Perl (Necklace) Harbor Trail

When: Saturday December 6

Where: TBD

Hares: Enzytel Bob

Hashmas 2014

When: Saturday December 20

Where: TBD

Hares: Rim Job


When: Sunday December 14

Where: TBD

Hares: Can I Fuck Your Sister? 

Butt Gravy's Boxing Day Hash

When: Saturday December 27tth

Where: TBD

Hares: Butt Gravy

LubriCUNT's Hangover Hash 2015

When: January 1, 2015

Where: TBD

Hares: LubriCUNT

Maybe LezBFriendz/Table Topper Hash

When: January 10

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD (G- Help Us!)

Family Hash

When: January 18th

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD

​Vulcan H3 Invasion Hash VulcanVasion 

​When: January 31st. 

Where: Birmingham,  AL

Hares: TBD

Hash Cash: TBD

Jello Love 2015

When: February 21

Where: TBD

Hares: TBD