Celebrating Black History Month with the Family

Black history month is celebrated every February. During this month, people celebrate the accomplishments of black people and the crucial part they have played in shaping American science, culture, arts, history, and much more.

Black history month 2020 is the best time to establish a structure of learning that will help children celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of black people across the whole year.  

Here are several ways you can do to celebrate black history month with your family. 

Visit a Black Cultural Event or Institution Online or Near You 

Experiencing, touching, and seeing something for yourself can often make it appear more impactful and real.  

You can read about the places and people that have shaped the culture and history of the Americans on the National Memorial website of Martin Luther King, Jr. You can also learn about a few of the current exhibits of the institution and access learning activities and resources for children in kindergarten to 6th grade if you go over on the website of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  

Listen to Black Music That Has Influenced American Culture and Arts 

Music can provide an auditory look at the tribulations, passions, and emotions of any culture. You can share those similar experiences with your kids by listening to music played, composed, and written by black people across our history.  

Of all the cultural contributions African Americans have made to the creative industry, their musical impact might be the most revolutionary, enduring, and ubiquitous. That is according to the International Business Times. The website also states that jazz, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and blues were all pioneered or invented by African American artists. Thus, we can help to further introduce our kids to African American musical pioneers of the present and past by sharing these musical genres with them.  

Know More about a Lot of Well-Known “Firsts” in Black History 

People like to share stories of the people who were the “first” to achieve an excellent accomplishment, regardless of their race. You should attempt to make a determination to showcase the black people who have paved the way for a lot of people and helped make our lives better as well during black history month.  

Visiting museums where you can know more about them is one way to bring to life the accomplishments of these amazing people. A lot of the museums throughout the country highlight the discoveries, masterpieces, inventions, and other accomplishments of black people, from history to science to art.  

Read About Black Leaders Who Shaped American History 

Books provide an excellent method to teach children about a few of the most influential individuals of our time.  

There is a series of books called the “Who Was?…” that offers range of kid-friendly biographies on honorable people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, Louis Armstrong, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and much more. Each book enables your kid to go even further beyond the times and life of the featured person. 

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